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We set up our flower-growing business in 2007 on the family farm.  As the eighth generation to farm here we feel very lucky to work in such beautiful and inspirational surroundings.  Our south facing “Back Field” and the ever-changing backdrop of the Mourne Mountains provides us with one of the most stunning settings to grow our range of luxury flowers.  Even after a hard backbreaking day amongst the peonies and sunflowers, it is incredibly satisfying to sit down among the flowers and just feel how special our surroundings are.

The flower year starts in February at Moorfield Flowers when we plant the first of the Oriental lily bulbs.  Our flowers are naturally grown without any artificial heat, giving a high quality flower you can only expect from a locally grown bloom.  Flowers are ready for harvesting from early June until late October.  The day starts early each morning when we hand pick and condition our flowers ensuring they are delivered to you at the peak of freshness.

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We aim to help preserve these natural assets by offering a local service that cuts down on environmental impact and making sure that buying fresh seasonal, locally grown, Northern Irish flowers are always the best choice.  To help reduce our carbon footprint on the farm, we have installed a wind turbine, which has significantly decreased our dependence on electricity produced by fossil fuel. Click to view a video of the wind turbine in action.

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